The Top 10 MotoGP Riders Of All Time

Are you curious to know, Who are the motoGP riders? Then this article is for you. Here we have listed the names of the top 10 motoGP riders of all time.

Every match needs a good motoGP riders. motoGP is a specialist position for riders. He lives behind the motoGP which is guarded by his riders strike. Here I am going to write about the top 10 motoGP riders players in the world.

List Of The Top 10 MotoGP Riders Of All Time

MotoGP Riders Of All Time
MotoGP Riders Of All Time

Many people, like to watch motoGP riders as their favorite sport, so for them and for general knowledge, here we have shared the list of top 10 motoGP riders in the world.

#1. Valentino Rossi

Valentino Rossi
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Valentino Rossi was voted the world (MotoGp GOAT) of all time. He is an Italian ex-professional motorcycle racer and Novara Grand Pace: Motorcycle Racing World Champion. The Italian motorsport champion has nine titles, including seven in the top-level premiership. Rossi is the only racer in the sun to have competed in 400 or more Grand Prix, riding with 46 in his career.

#2. Giacomo Agostini

Giacomo Agostini
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Giacomo Augostini continues to work for Grand Peace Racing, which was Yanah’s first win. He has collected 122 Grand Prix wins and 15 World Championship titles. In 1975 he won the last championship with Ehamha and ended the reign of his previous employer MV August. He was named as FIM legend for his motorcycle riding achievements.

#3. Marc Marquez

Marc Marquez
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Marc Marquez, born in Servera, Catalonia, Spain, has raced for Honda’s factory team since his debut in 2013. Kenny Roberts became the first man to win the race since 1978 (MotoGP). He won the Premier Class title in the first season since Kenny Roberts in 1978 in 2013 and in 1978 And became the youngest ever to win the overall title at 266 days old.

#4. Mick Doohan

Mick Doohan
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Mick Doohan won five consecutive races from 1994 to 1998. Doohan is also known as a mechanic.Who has won five consecutive 500cc World Championships. Mick Dohan raced from 1989 to 2000.

#5. Mike Hailwood

Mike Hailwood
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Mike Hailwood competed in the Grand Peace: Motorcycle Championship from 1958 to 1967. He moved from motorsport to Formula 1 racing. Hailwood was known as “Mike The Bike” due to his natural riding ability on a range of highbrow engine capacities.

#6. John Surtees

John Surtees
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John Surtees won his first title in 1956, and won three consecutive giants in 1958 and 1960. As well as winning the World Car Racing title in 1964, he raced in Formula 1 heavyweights such as Lotus or Ferrari. ZHe founded the Surtees Racing Organization which controlled Formula One from 1970 to 1978 And Formula 5000 as a constructor.

#7. Eddie Lawson

Eddie Lawson
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Eddie Lawson won four World Cups for the US in 1984, 1986, 1988 and 1989. The nickname “Study Eddie” earned his record of not crashing and consistently finishing in the points. He would chip in with the draw point.

#8. Casey Stoner

Casey Stoner
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So is the Australian retired professional motorcycle racer, and MotoGp World Champion 2007, 2011 in Toga.115 won 38 breaststroke starts and finished 69th, making him one of the most successful MotoGp racers.

#9. Jorge Lorenzo

Jorge Lorenzo
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Jorge Lorenzo has 47 Grand Prix wins, and 114 podium finishes. He won Rookie of the Year honors after finishing 8th in the championship with a win in Portugal. Lorenz was a top class rider throughout his career.

#10. Kenny Roberts

Kenny Roberts
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Kenny Roberts became the first American to win the Grand Prix Motorcycle Racing World Championship,A.M.A two-time winner in the USA. Roberts won the championship in the inaugural season of 500cc motorsport racing. Represented the American Motorcyclist Association to win Grand Nationals in racing road race events.

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