5 Best Drop Locations on NeXTerra Map in Free Fire MAX

Looking for the best drop locations on NexTerra Map in Free Fire? This is for you. These are the 5 best drop locations on this new NexTerra Map.

Garena finally launch a new map on its 5th anniversary of the free fire, free fire max, call NeXTerra, It’s available now to play on BR ranked mood. Same Like other maps in free fire, NeXTerra also has many drop locations and scattered loot across them.

If you thinking to play this new NexTerra map on free Fire, You must be known about this drop location before playing and the best gaming experience.

In this article, we have shared complete information about “Best Drop Locations on NeXTerra Map in Free Fire MAX” and the new faded wheel related to all updates. You can check this article, I promised this will help you make a better gaming experience on this new map.

Following Are The Best Drop Locations on NeXTerra Map in Free Fire MAX

Drop Locations on NeXTerra Map
5 Best Drop Locations on NeXTerra Map in Free Fire MAX

This best landing sports in NeXTerra map 2022 Free Fire Max most popular battle royale game in The World. Free Fire Max brings new improvement and features in every new update.The developed has added a new map called NeXTerra map on the 5th Anniversary special.

#1. Deca Square

If you looking for the best drop location on the NetTerra map, You can prefer the Deca Square location. This map seems very attractive to players, This was the best place for a drop with your teammates and you can collect lots of loots.

#2. Museum

Museum with adequate space there are several buildings where players can loot a lot. It also includes platforms, where one-vs-one battles are possible. You can choose this location for the early game fight and high loot.

#3. Mud Site

The Mud Site is a safe place to land and there are many hidden places to offer on this map. The hidden sites can help you to survive a long time and also with high loots. You can choose this location it must help you to win the match easily.

#4. Intellect Center

Intellect Center is another best drop location on the NeXTerra Map. It is situated us an isolated island. Which is added to the map between the three bridges. Here you can find lots of loot, that can help you to defeat an enemy. This map will always attract the attention of the players

#5. Plazaria

We also prefer Plazaria for the best drop location on NeXTerra Map. The area also has high availability loots. You can visit this area once, and I promised it’s not disappointing you.

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Hope you got complete information about Best Drop Locations on NeXTerra Map in Free Fire MAX and make a comment for any other queries. Thank You!!!


As expected today August 20th in 2022 Garena has finally released the new Free fire and Free Fire Max map NeXTerra.This is a new BR 5 special map with exciting.

Like other maps, NeXTerra features many drop Locations with a variety of loot scattered throughout. Anyway since it’s new players now NeXTerra It will take some time to understand the proponents of loot and hot drops. You can refer to the following category to find the best landing spots.

Getting a new map in a BR game is one of the biggest events you can have a new map called NeXTerra has just been released in the Free Fire MAX as part of the 5th Anniversary special.

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