Free Fire MAX Light Pass: Price, Exclusive Rewards, and Gloo Wall Skin

If you want to get all the updates on Free Fire MAX Light Pass event, here is all the information on this gloo wall skin, expensive rewards, free items, and more.

Free Fire Max has a new interesting event called Light Pass on the Indian server, And all players inside this game allow to spend diamonds, Garina Free Fire Max has these five prices kept at around 99 Diamonds and along with that, there are three types of permanent and rewards.

Among the many attractive rewards of the day, some of these rewards have brought a new surprise to the players, As the first reward there is a new global screen and then there is a cool backpack skin and then there is a new loot box screen, And with it, there are more interesting new prizes.

It has been officially announced by the Free Fire community that all these attractive rewards will be given to free all and all players. And all players have to complete a new mission to get all these items. And this event must be completed within a certain time and if it is not done, all these things will not be available.

Garena Free Fire MAX Light Pass: All you need to know

This new interesting event of Garena Free Fire released information on the new Booyah Pass in Free Fire MAX. Beginning in January 2023 and this event is divided into three parts in total.

Daily Login Rewards and items

Free Fire MAX Light Pass

From the official information here, it is known that all players must sign in daily in the game to get this gun screen permanent, Additionally, a new Gloo wall skin (Roaring Protector) will be given for free. Then you will get it permanently after clem all its previous rewards.

Free Fire MAX Light Pass the log in all free items, rewards Details:

  • First-day login rewards: AN94 – skin name: (Tsunami Bolt) -1D
  • 2-day login reward: (SMG gun) MP5 – skin name: Meta LAVA -1D
  • 3-day login reward: (air gun) Groza – skin name: Flames Enchanted -1D
  • 4-day login reward: (SMG) UMP – skin name: Grizzly Papercut -1D
  • 5-day login reward: AUG (Air gun) – skin name: Mars Landcrusher -1D
  • 6-day login reward: P90 (SMG gun) – skin name: Tune Blaster Blue – 1D
  • 7-day login reward: XM8 (Air gun) – skin name: Sinister Pumpkin -1D
  • and finally Bonus reward: Gloo Wall – skin name: Roaring Protector

If for some reason a player misses out on these rewards, there is a separate way for them to these rewards instead of some diamonds. And with each login instead, the number of diamonds will increase with the missed shots. And with each login instead, the number of diamonds will increase with the missed items.

Light Pass Event: Daily Mission and Shop

Free fire max Light Pass Event The items and the corresponding requirements are as follows:

  • Tiger Claw Backpack- 20x Light Pass tokens
  • 100% EXP Card – 8x Light Pass tokens
  • Diamond Royale Voucher – 5x Light Pass tokens
  • Weapon Royale Voucher – 2x Light Pass tokens
  • Magic Cube Fragment – 5x Light Pass tokens
  • 100x Universal Fragment – 2x Light Pass tokens
  • Tiger Claw Backpack- 20x Light Pass tokens

All players must collect 20X Light Pass Tokens to get Tiger’s Legendary Backpack through this event. Here all the players are advised that after getting the legendary backpack skins they move on to any other cheap items.

Light Pass Event: Daily Mission and Shop

Light Pass Event: Daily Mission and Shop

To get all these items you need to collect a special type of token and to collect these tokens you need to complete at least three missions per day. And after adding all these tokens instead of tokens you can choose these attractive rewards. And if any player thinks these missions are too difficult then something else can get all these rewards instead of gold.

Play matches and win Exclusive free rewards and items

Play matches and win Exclusive free rewards and items

This section shows that four rewards are involved in a round wheel, And the rule of this game is that every player will be given this opportunity after playing the match every day and then the maximum cup they will get after completing five days will be set here.

The items that are up for grabs include this wheel:

  • 1x Gold Royale Voucher free
  • The Last Roar Loot Box free
  • free Pet Food
  • 1x Diamond Royale Voucher free

Another aspect of this section here is that it is almost certain that the spinel wood box will last after twenty attempts.

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Complete the Steps to purchase the Free Fire MAX Light Pass:

All the methods of buying Light Pass are shown here in a very easy way, Follow here step-by-step to get all rewards.

  • Step 1: In the first stage, it is given here that first, you have to open the free fire max game, and only then do you have to enter the like pass event.
  • Step 2: Then after entering this event you will see all the rewards and you can choose the option and then click on activate.
  • Step 3: this will show that once the event becomes a side effect, players will be able to complete all the category objectives to earn their own rewards.


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