Garena Releases Sixth Magic Cube Mission in Free Fire MAX

Here is how to complete Free fire Max Sixth Magic Cube Mission and what new updates will be available with it all its information is given here very nicely.

Garena Releases Sixth Magic Cube Mission in Free Fire MAX
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Magic Cube and magic cube fragments are one of the most demanded items in Free Fire Max. The reason this item is most in demand at the game is that instead of a magic cube fragment, they claim lots of amazing outfit bundles for free, And the selection is by no means free but the option to change is not given in-game, leaving only a few avenues open to gaining this magic cube fragment.

Indian server of free fire max all these magic cube fragment how to get comments for all players special event, And when a special mission comes, they can take these magic cubes or magic cube fragment for free, And all these missions and all these events are not very easy for the players.

After a long time, there is a plan from the free fire community to organize a cube seller and that means on October 24th they will be given all the magic cubes how to claim and they have to complete daily missions and collect a 100x magic cube fragment by playing a free fire max. So, Read the full article below to know when this new Magic Cube event will be released and what has been updated.

Free Fire MAXMission 6 of free Magic Cube Fragments added

The 6th Magic Cube Mission means 6 stages of how the magic cube has come in this Free Fire Max, And this new event Free Fire Max has been added to this game and the last date of this event will be October 20 and meaning this Magic Cube Mission is that players have to help two teammates and complete the mission and they will have only 2 days to complete this task,

Free Fire MAX' Mission 6 of free Magic Cube Fragments added

and no name of any specific from the game modes to complete this event. There is no writing, All players can play any mode and classic mode and ranked mode and cs ranked to complete the event and try to complete with any mode, It is specially mentioned that they have to complete only one match in this event only then they will not get the fragment’s or they will not get those fragments.

Legendary Bundles to claim using Magic Cube

Here is a list of all the Magic Cube Exchange Bundles in the Free fire max.

Legendary Bundles to claim using Magic Cube
  • Crazy Panda Bundle
  • Doctor Red Bundle
  • Arcane Seeker Bundle
  • Legendary Bunny Bundle
  • Legionaries Bundle
  • Inking Affection Bundle
  • Hunger Strike Bundle
  • Nerves of Steel Bundle
  • The Colossus
  • Snappy Bundle
  • Bladebill Soarer Bundle
  • King’s Sword Bundle
  • Night Clown Bundle
  • Wicked Jester Bundle
  • Silver Titan Bundle
  • Mystic Seeker Bundle
  • Fury Tribe Bundle
  • Flaro Tribe Bundle
  • Star Gazer Bundle
  • Doctor Scarlette Bundle
  • Magma Bionicon Bundle
  • Operation Elite Bundle

Steps to claim 10x Magic Cube tokens in Free Fire MAX

Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to get the fragments of Magic Cube Mission by the event.

Steps to claim 10x Magic Cube tokens in Free Fire MAX

Step 1: Step one first after opening the free fire game they have to negative in this section the name of that section is the live test and they have to click on each one.

Steps to claim 10x Magic Cube tokens in Free Fire MAX

Step 2: After opening the game these different events will be available on the screen and everyone has to cut them.

Steps to claim 10x Magic Cube tokens in Free Fire MAX

Step 3: After they cut all the events they need to find where “6: Help Up Teammates” live fest section and navigate inside it.

Step 4: Finally, they have to click the claim option to get all magic cube fragments and they will get everything for free.

5th MissionPrevious Magic Cube Mission

5th Mission - Previous Magic Cube Mission

The main meaning of this event is that it is the name of an earlier mission “Playtime” Free Fire Max. This event was first included on the 18th of October, its last date was on the 19th of October.

and it is an event that all players 60 This game in minutes game has to be completed and they can easily complete the mission by playing the game in any game mode of their choice.

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