10 Best Movies Like Goodnight Mommy

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Deep Water was one of several movies that Amazon Prime Video got the international rights for while US audiences can log into Hulu to see Ben Affleck’s latest thriller

Deep Water

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She slowly reveals a darker side as she slowly takes over the household and tears a rift between the husband and wife

The Hand That Rocks The Cradle

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Matt Sobel directed the English-language remake of Goodnight Mommy and a couple of episodes of Brand New Cherry Flavor

Take Me To The River

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With the release of the prequel in the summer, many would have revisited or heard of Orphan once again


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she slowly breaks under the pressure from her family and duties that eventually see her become the deranged murderer everyone knows herein X


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Ma starred Octavia Spencer in easily one of her most terrifying roles as 'Ma, a woman who invites a group of teenagers to her place for parties in her basement

Ma (2019)

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The movie was made up of many iconic scenes that have been referenced and parodied to this day as showrunners and filmmakers celebrate this standout thriller

Fatal Attraction

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David Lynch has remained one of the most celebrated auteur directors in American cinema with his artistic and unique filmmaking and storytelling throughout

Mulholland Drive

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Available on Hulu for US viewers and Netflix internationally, Aneesh Chaganty followed up his directorial debut, Searching, with the thriller Run

Run (2020)

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Original 2015 movie, the Austrian version will have the same story as its US remake as two sons question their mother after she returns home from cosmetic surgery

Goodnight Mommy

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