10 Best Superhero Entrances In The DCEU

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One of the many reasons the Disney adaptation is one of the most beloved versions of Robin Hood is the folk-inspired soundtrack featuring country

Robin Hood And Little John

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Like so many character theme songs, Pinocchio's catchy tune essentially contains the essence of his character


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"Hakuna Matata" is right up there with "It's a Small World" in terms of memorability and longevity

Timon And Pumbaa

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Whether fans love the Frozen movies, hate the Frozen movies, or simply tolerate them until they are undeniably dethroned by the next Disney mainstay


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Doc, Dopey, Grumpy, and all the rest, the song is short and sweet with a tune and chorus that is as infectious as a Disney song can get

The Dwarve

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The character and his original performer needed a song that was big and bombastic as their personality was, and Disney clearly delivered

The Genie

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Although the character of Davy Crockett does have a place in the realms of reality, the tall tales, and the version presented by Walt Disney

Davy Crockett

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The difference between a character like Pooh and a character like Tigger is that Pooh is simply animated and Tigger is blatantly a cartoon


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Roger’s skills as a songwriter aside, All anyone needs to know about Cruella is made clear by her name alone

Cruella De Vil

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They might not talk about Bruno, but the Madrigals will certainly sing about him. In short, it was the ideal cocktail of music, lyrics, and subiject

Bruno Madrigal

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