Top 10 biggest Flop Movies In Hollywood

The Adventures of Pluto Nash

But 2002's The Adventures of Pluto Nash kickstarted a real dive into live-action family clunkers;


With no real production problems to speak of, Stealth crashed and burned on its own terrible merits,

47 Ronin

It couldn't save the samurai fantasy adventure. And yet a sequel has been announced. Go figure.

The Lone Ranger

When it finally hit cinema screens, The Lone Ranger was slammed by critics and shunned by audiences.

Titan AE

writers Joss Whedon and John August, and the voices of Matt Damon, Bill Pullman and Drew Barrymore

Mars Needs Moms

Disney should have known better than to return to Mars and computer-generated imagery but this is exactly what they did.

Monster Trucks

Kids are problematic for the film industry. The majority of this list is made up with failed children's movies

John Carter

John Carter's pedigree – solid cast (though its lead, Taylor Kitsch, was perhaps out of his depth),

Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas

The combined Hollywood weight and talent of Brad Pitt and Michelle Pfeiffer couldn't save this 2003

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Probably best known for featuring a woeful appearance from former footballer David Beckham,

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