Top 10 Comedy Detective Korean Movies, Ranked

Secret, Greatly

There’s a trend to Korean comedies: they start off funny, but they end on a more tragic note.

Extreme Job

A blend of the buddy cop and action genres, Extreme Job features a group of bumbling police officers who start

Wedding Campaign

Did you know that there are many Koreans in Uzbekistan? I didn’t know until I saw Wedding Campaign.


The film centers around a middle-aged woman named Im Na-mi. During high school, Na-mi had a six-girl friend group named “Sunny.”

Scandal Makers

Before Sunny, director Kang Hyeong-cheol made another highly successful comedy called Scandal Makers.

Miracle in Cell #7

Miracle in Cell #7 is another one of those Korean comedies that blends laughs and tears.

The President’s Last Bang

In short, The President’s Last Bang dramatizes the 1979 assassination of South Korean

I Can Speak

The movie starts off on a light note. A young civil servant named Kim Min-jae gets a new job processing citizen complaints.

Miss Granny

Miss Granny focuses on an old woman named Oh Mal-soon (Na Moon-hee). Strong-willed but relatively lonely,

Barking Dogs Never Bite

If you’re a hardcore animal rights activist, this obviously isn’t the movie for you.

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