Top 10 Coolest Anime Characters With Red Hair

Erza Scarlet

You might already be aware that Erza Scarlet has red hair. But did you know she also has green eyes?

Rias Gremory

The story revolves around a group of young heroes who fight against evil forces using magical weapons called Servants.

Karma Akabane

She is a character who was created by Naoko Takeuchi. The story revolves around her adventures as Sailor Mercury,


This condition affects only Caucasians and is characterized by the presence of blood vessels under the skin.

Grell Sutcliff

Grell Sutcliff was born in 1894, and his life changed forever after a tragic accident left him blind.


Karin is known for being a cheerful, optimistic person. She often helps out other people and tries to cheer them up. In some stories,

Akane Sakurada

Akane Sakurade is a Japanese manga artist who writes under the pen name "Sakurada". She was born in Tokyo in 1978.

Mito Jūjō

The protagonist of Mito Jūjō has red hair. She was born with a rare genetic disorder called albinism.

Lisara Restall

Redheads have always been associated with bad luck, but some studies suggest that redheads are actually lucky.

Yuzuru Otonashi

In 1990 he moved to New York City where he worked as an assistant animator for Warner Bros. Animation.

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