Top 10 Couples in dragon Ball That Make no Sense

Gohan and Angela

During his time at school, Gohan had to keep his identity as the Great Saiyaman a secret from his peers. One day,

Goten and Valese

Dragon Ball GT is the worst in the series, according to some fans, and this doesn’t help the case for this couple.

Tien and Lunch

Known as Tien and Launch, these two aren't a good match because their personalities are so dissimilar.

Early Vegeta and Bulma

Vegeta is even able to leave behind his desire to fight to stay with his wife during her pregnancy.

Yamcha and Bulma

The first real couple of the show, Yamcha met Bulma during an attempt he and Puar made to rob our heroes.

Raditz and Princess Snake

A proud but cautious warrior, Goku’s brother Raditz was the first threat to Earth during Dragon Ball Z.

Krillin and Marron

After being dumped by Krillin, she nearly immediately finds another guy who offers her ice cream.

Mr. Satan and Miss Piiza

Mr. Satan is an extremely self-centered and egotistical man, but if he has a redeeming quality,

Dr. Gero and Android 21

His desire to kill Goku quickly morphed from a desire to avenge his family into an insane obsession.

Mai and Trunks

Mai and Trunks appear to be truly and deeply in love during the future arc of Super and are a super cute couple.

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