Top 10 Biggest Flop Movies In DC Ranked

Flop: Catwoman

However, aside from the name and a pair of ears, Catwoman took very little inspiration from its source material

Hit: Man Of Steel

After Brandon Routh’s turn as Superman failed to take flight, the franchise was rebooted once again in 2013

Flop: Green Lantern

With Warner Bros. sinking $200 million into the production of Green Lantern, the studio clearly thought

Hit: Batman Begins

The film was an immediate critical and commercial success, holding the number one slot at the box office

Flop: Jonah Hex

Here, Brolin suited up for his first comic book movie to play the title character, a Civil War soldier

15 Hit: Suicide Squad

With a 28% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, Suicide Squad is the worst reviewed movie in the DCEU,

Hit: Batman

Before Christian Bale or Ben Affleck were receiving their share of backlash for being cast as the Caped Crusader,

Flop: Supergirl

Despite being the first feature-length superhero movie to cast a female as the lead, Supergirl proved to be both a critical

Hit: Wonder Woman

After already getting a glimpse of the established superheroine the year before in Batman v Superman,

Hit: The Dark Knight

Even a decade after its release, The Dark Knight continues to be regarded as one of the greatest superhero movies

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