Female Idols With The Best Lips Ranked

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Sulli is a beautiful actress of South-Korea. She was gained highest vote when asking "Which idol star has the prettiest lips?"


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Image: Capita FM

Krystal is a cutest actress of South-Korea, she also looking beautiful with her naturally beautiful lips.


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Image: Memora.ID

Dasom is one of the cutest girl of South-Korea, who have a naturally beautiful lip, looks like heart shape.


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Image: Tumblr

Lee Hyori is a celebrity of South-Korea. She won 1st position of the survey  “the female star that has the most beautiful lips".

Lee Hyori

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Image: Kpop Wiki-Fandom

Goo Hara is a pretty and youngest actress of South-Korea. She also looking cute with her soft and natural lip.

Goo Hara

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Image: The Jakarta Post

Suzy Bae is a cute actress of South-Korea. She has beautiful pink looking lip, which make her fans to love her more.

Suzy Bae

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Image: Simple Wikipedia

Sandara Park is one of the most beautiful female idols of Korea. She has a attractive lip, for this her fan love her more. 

Sandara Park

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Image: Cosmo.ph

Gayoon is a female actress of South-Korea. She looking very attractive with her beautiful heart and pink lip.


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Image: OneHallyu

Tiffany is one of the best female idol of South-Korea. Her lip is very attractive for this she selected a music video  "Lips on Lips!"


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Image: Pinterest

Yoona is youngest and cutest actress of Korea, who has beautiful lip, for this she was selected an annual survey.


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Image: Pinterest

Wings is a female actress of Korea, who has soft, naturally looking red lip, which make her attractive.


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Image: Glamour UK

Yura is an actress of South-Korea and group member of Girl's Day. She has luscious lips, which look her more beautiful.

Girl's Day - Yura

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Image: Pinterest

HyunA a beautiful actress who has a soft and natural lip. For this she has been voted as idol with most Kissable lips.


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