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Goldberg Debuts

Goldberg made his TV debut against Hugh Morris with just a few matches under his belt in wwe.

Aliens were raw and limited, but some wizards were born at that moment. His victory over Morris was a one-sided, two-minute affair.

The quiet crowd began to cheer after Goldberg backed away and then pummeled the veteran with high-impact moves.

Goldberg Captures the United States Championship

Even when Raven summoned The Flock, she couldn't slow down Goldberg,

During Goldberg's streak, Sly Hill became the latest answer to running questions, Powerhouse runs require high points. he is the unnamed wrestler, the veteran, the big man

Goldberg Dethrones Hulk Hogan

The win served as Goldberg's streak and arguably the pinnacle of his career.

Goldberg was, at the time, the most exciting thing in the WWE and WCW company, a megastar standing center stage.

Goldberg Jackhammers a Giant

Goldberg's takeover was simple. He spends every Monday blasting smaller men

and condemning them with little effort on the canvas. When Goldberg defeated The Giant, the huge man now known as the Big Show, one's jaw had to drop.

WWE Debut (Raw—March 31, 2003)

By 2003, WWE welcomed most of the top stars from WCW. But not Goldberg. At the end of Monday Night Wars

and the end of WCW, Bruiser instead competed in Japan. When The Rock cheered on Raw the night after his WrestleMania XIX victory over Steve Austin,

 no one expected Goldberg to interrupt him. No one expected WCW's top homegrown talent to cross over to the world.

Goldberg Wreaks Havoc Inside the Elimination Chamber

Goldberg thrived in the confines of the Elimination Chamber match. The visual of the beast prowling

Goldberg thrived in the confines of the Elimination Chamber match. The visual of the beast prowling

and attacking inside that cage made for a spectacular sight. The powerhouse pursued Triple H and the World Heavyweight Championship.

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