Top 10 Greatest Table Tennis Players of All Time

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Ma Long is one of the greatest players of all time. Ma Long was born on June 6, 1990 and is a Chinese professional table tennis player.

Ma Long

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He was born on October 30, 1963, in Stockholm and is currently 54 years old. He won Swedish Championship,

Jan – Ove Waldner

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He has won at least one title for each title at the Chin Chin National Games, including four singles titles.

Liu Guoliang

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Deng Yaping is a Chinese table tennis player and Olympic champion. Deng Yaping was born on November 10, 1973 in Shanghai.

Deng Yaping

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Wang Liqin is a former Chinese table tennis player, and Wang Liqin was ranked number one in the world in the early 2000s.

Wang Liqin

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Yue won Women’s Singles Champion and Mixed Doubles Champion in 2007 WTTC and Women’s Team Champion in 2008 WTTC.

Guo Yue

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Jike showed astonishing talent when he won men’s singles gold in a record time of just 445 days at the 2012 London Olympics.

Zhang Jike

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Xu Xin is one of the best table tennis players of all time. For many years he has dominated the game, learning the number of titles.

Xu Xin

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Ichiro Ogimura is a Japanese table tennis player who is one of the greatest table tennis players of all time.

Ichiro Ogimura

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He also won a bronze medal at the Beijing Olympics in 2008 and has a strong record on the international circuit.

Wang Hao

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