Top 7 Best Tanks in Mobile Legends, That Are Hard To Kill

#1. Akai

Akai is the of the best tank in mobile legends, he can stun his target and also move them with his ultimate.

#2. Baxia

 Baxia, a Tank with a Passive that works like an anti-regen item, Baxia’s main strength is baxia shield unity.

#3. Atlas

Atlas is considered as one of the best tanks in mobile legends, His ability comes from his unresisting “ Frigid Breath”.

#4. Esmeralda

Esmeralda is also the best tank in Mobile legends, she has the capability to attack securities and turn them into damage.

#5. Johnson

 Johnson a superior Tank however is his crowd-control chops, His first skill is a long-range area-of-effect stun.

#6. Franco

Franco is also the best tank in mobile legends, he can hook his opponent to catch them, his ultimate can htan his opponent.

#7. Edith

Another most powerful and best tank in mobile legends was Edith, He is the new hero in MLBB with amazing abilities.

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