Top 10 Handsome Anime Characters of All Time

Satoru Gojo

Satoru Gojo appearance has everything that makes him look very handsome and attractive to others including his hairstyle,

Soma (Food Wars)

Shokugeki no Soma is a Japanese manga and anime series written by Yūto Tsukuda and illustrated by Shun Saeki.

Sebastian (Dark Butler)

a ruthless sadist and manipulator towards his opponents, and he is also intrigued by the behavior of people,

Giyuu Tomioka

He is very attractive and he has a wide range of cool sword that makes him good at killing demons.

Gray (Fairy Tale)

Gray Fullbuster is the tritagonist of the anime/manga series Fairy Tail. He is an Ice-Make Mage

Kakashi Hatake

Kakashi Hatake is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto.

Kyo Sohma (Fruit Basket)

Kyo Sohma is dear to my heart because his looks and his personality are technically my favorite his smile.

Levi (Attack on Titan)

On missions, he wears a green scout cloak over it. In everyday life, he wears a white jacket and dark trousers.

Natsu (Fairy Tail)

Natsu is also among the five Dragon Slayers sent to the future from four hundred years past,

William T. Spears (Black Butler)

In general, it evokes the feeling of a self-sufficient person who knows his job. In general,

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