Top 10 Most Expensive Fire-Type Pokemon, of All Time

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Darmanitan (Japanese) is one of the most Expensive duel Ice/Fire type Pokemon. It is big in size and red in color.


Image: Pokemon Database

Arcanine is one of the famous Pokemon for his great Speed (95). The capability of running 6,200 miles in 24 hours.


Image: Sonic Pokemon Wiki-Fandom

Moltres are looking like a Bird  Pokemon. It is Fire/Flying type Pokemon, capable of control fire.


Image: PokemonPets

Entei is animal Pokemon like as lion. Entei is a pure fire/flying pokemon. It is brown in color.


Image: PokemonPets

Houndoom is one of the strongest Pokemon. It is dark in color. It is a dog based Pokemon.


Image: Pokemon Wiki-Fandom

Heatran is fire/steel type Pokemon. It is reddish-brown in color with grey spot on their body.


Image: Dot Esports

Victini is a small Pokemon in size like as rabbit, with big ears. It is a pure fire/type Pokemon.


Image: Polygon

Volcanion is one of the most powerful Pokemon. It is duel type of Pokemon like as Water and Fire.


Image: Pinterest

Infernape is like as Monkey. It is also a duel type of Pokemon like as Fire and flying. Ie is brown in color.


Image: Pokemon Wiki-Fandom

Cinderace is also called sticker Pokemon, face and ear like as rabbit. It has high speed and powerful fire attacks.


Image: Pokemon Wiki-Fandom

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