Top 10 Most Expensive Hot Wheels Cars of All Time

1969 Pink, Rear-Loading Beach Bomb

so the design was replaced with a slightly different version that featured side-mounted surfboards

1968 Over Chrome Mustang

and never sold. How did it get from the hands of Mattel execs to a mobile home? We may never know.

1968 Over Chrome Camaro

 "antifreeze" Hot Wheels, this is a rare antifreeze-over-chrome-finish Camaro used for advertising purposes.

1969 Mad Maverick Base on Mighty Maverick

with rival toy manufacturer Johnny Lightning, which had previously issued a Mad Maverick,

1969 Brown Custom Charger

 the brown variant, of which only a few are known to exist. Many collectors consider it to be a prototype,

1971 Purple Olds 442

Manufactured exclusively in Mattel's Hong Kong facility in 1971, purple Olds 442 is considered by many collectors.

1969 Ed Shaver Blue AMX

 should you come across one of these AMXs, you determine whether or not the stickers are sly reproductions.

1969 Brown '31 Woody

the 1969 Hot Wheels series, the brown '31 Woody is considered by some redline experts to be extremely rare.

1969 Cheetah Base with Python Body

The car that would become the Hot Wheels Python was initially called the Cheetah inside the company.

1971 Spectraflame Purple Bye Focal

a condition in which the body or chassis develops cracks and literally begins to crumble.

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