Top 10 Most Hilarious slapstick Comedy Anime


The world of Gintama takes place in a dystopian Edo period in Japan, where aliens named Amanto invaded Earth.


Daily life of high school boys

Dealing with intense romantic situations or fighting alongside submissive other robots, Tadakuni, Hidenori



Tanukichi Ohma joins Japan’s leading elite school to reunite with his childhood friend and crush Anna Nishikinomiya;

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Asobi Asobes

Asobi Asobes: Workshop of Fun Hanako Honda, revolves around poker-faced introvert Kasumi Nomura

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hey girl

Yoshiko is a born idiot whose stupidity can exceed everyone’s expectations. In addition, her mother lost hope of her only daughter.


azumanga dioho

The series chronicles the lives of six girls: 10-year-old academic prodigy Chih Mahima, short-tempered Kohomi Mizuhara,



Miyo Naganohara, Yuko Aoi and Mai Minakami are three childhood friends who may think their life is normal, but it is not.

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prison school

Hachimatsu Private School, being an all-girls academy, has renewed its policy, and now welcomes boys as well.

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The only word impossible to find in Sakamoto’s dictionary is the word “impossible”. Sakamoto isn’t just good at everything;


Saiki K

Saiki Kusuo is blessed with supernatural psychic abilities since birth, where he can do anything in the world, such as telekinesis,


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