Top 10 Most Intelligent Heroes in the Marvel Universe 

Reed Richards

An astronaut and physicist who was bombarded with cosmic rays alongside his fiancée, best friend.

Lunella Lafayette

Nicknamed "Moon Girl" because of her daydreaming, Lunella Lafayette was a pre-teen girl.

Valeria Richards

the daughter of The Fantastic Four's Mister Fantastic and the Invisible Woman, goddaughter of their nemesis Doctor Doom.

Victor Von Doom

Ruler of the fictional nation of Latveria, with horrific disfigurements hidden behind an ominous metallic visage.

Tony Stark

Billionaire industrialist Anthony "Tony" Stark endured a life-altering experience when he was kidnapped by terrorists.

Bruce Banner

Behind the green, rage-filled, and unimaginably strong beast that is the Hulk lies the man Dr. Bruce Banner.

Hank Pym

who invented a serum that could do the impossible, Henry "Hank" Pym, his place among the greatest scientists.

Amadeus Cho

As a teenager, Amadeus Cho was targeted by a malicious entity because of his exceptionally high I.Q. While on the run.

Henry McCoy

The vast world of X-Men is full of brilliant intellectuals, such as Henry "Hank" McCoy's mentor Charles Xavier.

Peter Parker

Before he was everyone's friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, Peter Parker was a student with a natural aptitude for science.

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