Top 10 Most Popular Series to Watch on Disney Plus Hotstar


It should come as no surprise that by any measure, the MCU has some of the most popular releases on Disney+

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier

Hamilton was the hottest thing on Broadway to the point where tickets were nearly impossible to score


Raya and the Last Dragon was one of them and while it wasn't Disney's biggest hit, the film is an underrated gem.

Raya And The Last Dragon

The MCU's third Disney+ series was yet another rousing success for them and it was one that had major overarching implications


The first MCU series on Disney+ is still the most popular and in the eyes of many remains the best of the bunch


They make a lot of money but fans feel they don't live up to the original, so it was a good thing they went a different route for Cruella


That meant more subscribers than any could watch them, which was the case with Turning Red

Turning Red

A Sea creature who can turn into a human on land finds new friends and embarks on a coming-of-age adventure


While the TV shows were certainly a big hit for the MCU on Disney+, Black Widow remains its most popular release on Letterboxd.

Black Widow

Given how difficult 2020 was for so many people, it was a welcome treat to find that the newest Pixar movie was hitting Disney+ for free


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