Top 10 Over Power Dragon Ball Characters of All Time

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Professionally Markquez Lao Santiago also called Kid Buu. Kid Buu is a Japanese Animation.

Kid Buu

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Goku and Chi-Chi is the parents of Gohan. Gohan is one of most famous character of Dragon Ball universe.


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Hit can easily defeat with Vegeta and Son Gokū, with his power. He is the first and most powerful dragon ball super.


Image: Dragon Ball Wiki-Fandom

Frieza has wonderful power. Frieza is a most iconic villain of dragon ball characters. 


Image: Dragon Ball Wiki-Fandom

Master Roshi is one of the interesting and funny Japanese character of dragon ball.

Master Roshi

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Brolly name is comes from the vegetable Broccoli. Brolly is a strongest character of dragon ball.


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Goku has super strongest power. In this character Guru has a pure heart, family protective and always think positive.


Image: Dragon Ball Wiki-Fandom

Bulma is female character. In spite of female she is stronger and powerful dragon ball character.


Image: Dragon Ball Wiki-Fandom

Piccolo is also called Ma Junior. In this character he is looking very angry. He presents a villain character.


Image: Dragon Ball Wiki-Fandom

King Vegeta is the parents of Vegeta. His hair is black and falchion and height is small.


Image: Dragon Ball Wiki-Fandom

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