Top 10 Pokemon That need Evolutions in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet


Following Sylveon’s debut in 2013’s X & Y, we are now nearing a decade without a new Eeveelution.


Perhaps one of the most requested Pokemon to get an evolution for years now, fans of Dunsparce are still waiting on the little.


Given Spain’s rich culture with artists such as Goya and Picasso, the Painter Pokemon would.


With being one of the most iconic evolution lines from Pokemon Red & Blue, Staryu and Starmie.


Sticking with the regional themes, Mediterranean Chameleons can actually be found in the trees of Huelva, Cadiz.


Interestingly the Black and White Pokedex describes the ‘mon as living in “arid regions as their habitat.


When Spoink made its debut in Hoenn, the idea of a Psychic Pig Pokemon sounded awesome. While its bi-pedal evolution Grumpig.


With Spain being the home of the Running of the Bulls event, it’s the perfect time to give the Gen I favorite a second evolution.


Introduced all the way back in 2003, the Ruby & Sapphire Pokemon is another character that works well.


At the top of our list is the beloved Fighting-type bird from 2013’s X&Y. With Gen 9 taking heavy inspiration from Spain.

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