Top 10 Most Powerful Weapons in The Marvel Universe

Infinity Gauntlet

This Infinity Gauntlet was so powerful that it had the power to destroy the entire world in an Infinity Gauntlet.


Mjolnir is more powerful than Stormbreaker, Stormbreaker We saw how powerful it is in the Infinity War movie.

Sling Ring

In the avengers-endgame and infinity war books, we saw Doctor Strange use Ketar's ring, And that ring's power is to teleport.

Double-edged Sword

Thanos’ Double-edged Sword Teri weapon tar power we saw in avengers-endgame when captain America fights with thongs.


Mjolnir That's how powerful we've seen in Infinity War in-game and Avengers in many movies, Mjolnir Wherever it goes it returns to its owner.


Gungnir Asgard was the most powerful weapon that Odin had, The weapon ticket looks like a trident and is golden in color.


We saw how powerful this weapon is in Thor Ragnarok, this weapon is with Hela and this weapon's color is black.

Captain America’s Shield

Captain America Shield was created by Howard Stark, And we saw how powerful that fox is in the Endgame Infinity War movie.

Yaka Arrow

We have seen how powerful this weapon is in all the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, And the opinion of the owner of this illness works.

The Ten Rings

The ten-ring systems how much power, we have seen it in the movie and those rings are five on the right hand and five on the right hand.

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