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Top 10 Darkest Implications In Naruto

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Losing loved ones becomes a powerful way to open their eyes.

Uchiha Clan Members Become Stronger Whenever They Lose Loved Ones

Others view them as the beasts trapped within them, rather than as people.

Jinchuriki Have Tremendous Power


Anbu members are given hard tasks that require them to assassinate people.

The Anbu Turns Its Members Into Cruel People


The two brothers fight, but they fail to overcome the conflict between power and love.

Indra & Asura Fail To Understand Each Other


Presuming that the Nine-Tails attack was planned by the Uchiha Clan.

Prejudice Against The Uchiha Clan Leads To The Uchiha Massacre


Many Naruto villains begin as good-hearted individuals.

Many Characters Succumb To Negative Emotions That Make Them Blind To Hope


However, not all Naruto villains receive the justice they deserve.

Some Of The Evilest Villains Do Not Face Repercussions


From his former comrade Rin to his loved mentor Minato to his father, Sakumo.

Kakashi Hatake Has Lost Everyone He Cares About


He applies the Curse Mark to live individuals, who have a one in 10 chance of escaping.

Orochimaru Toys With Human Life To Become Immortal


Serious about inflicting on the world the same pain that he and his homeland faced for so long.

Nagato Went Down A Dark Path

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