Top 10 Ways to Celebrate Your Dog's Birthday

Host a Doggie Birthday Party

Dog parties are becoming very popular these days. They are fun, entertaining and cost effective.

Let Your Dog Pick Out a Gift

Dogs love treats, especially when they get to pick out their own. They also enjoy playing fetch,

Make a (Dog Friendly) Cake or Treats

Dogs love baked goods, especially cookies and cakes. They also love to eat them too.

Explore a New Trail With Your Dog

If you want to explore new trails together, then you should consider going for a medium-sized dog.

Pamper & Spoil Your Dog On Their Birthday

Birthday parties are a great way to celebrate your dog's special day. From cake to balloons,

Turn It Into a Game Day

Operant conditioning is a type of learning where a person or animal learns through reinforcement and punishment.

Let Your Dog Unwrap a Present

 Dogs can be trained to open presents for their owners. And they don’t even have to be puppies anymore.

Set Up a Doggie Playdate

Doggie playdates are great fun for dogs and their owners. They provide opportunities for socialization,

Take Your Dog For a Swim

The problem is that dog pools aren't always safe. Dogs can get hurt or even drown if they fall into the pool.

Have a Doggie Movie Night

If you don’t have a dog at home, why not get one? There are several benefits associated with having a pet.

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