Top 10 Weakest Marvel Characters, Ranked

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange could also hurl his opponent at the end of the universe, or trap them eternally in a single moment.


However, his retirement gets interrupted by Gorr the God Butcher, a galactic killer who seeks the extinction of the gods.

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel can make use of her intense radiation-based abilities to vaporize anything she has in front of her.


When Star-Lord reaches his planet level of powers, then you can’t do anything to him. He becomes a freaking celestial,

Ghost Rider

His main power of showing his victim their darkest depths of the soul is a 100-percent flawless victory move,

Iron Man

 he came up with a way to “program” the Infinity gauntlet to not work for Thanos in an animated iteration of Marvel.


 His anger is connected to his power level, which means the more you fight and anger him, the stronger he’ll get.


You must be picturing Giant-Man when thinking of Ant-Man at his strongest, but that’s not where we’re getting. Instead,

Scarlet Witch

She’s the one with the power to destroy Infinity stones, so you can see from that itself how powerful she is.


Vision’s ability to make himself corporeal means he can’t ever lose against heroes who rely on physical strength alone.

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