Top 10 Weakest Villains Goku Has Faced In Dragon Ball


Raditz was a Saiyan who joined the evil organization known as The World Warriors. He was also a member of the group


Dragon Ball Super is finally over. And now fans are wondering who was the strongest villain Goku had ever fought against.


This anime series follows the adventures of Goku, a young boy who becomes a super hero after he absorbs the power

King Piccolo

King Piccolo is a Saiyan who is the leader of the evil Saiyans. He is also the father of Vegeta and Raditz.

Mercenary Tao

n the original series, Goku is always fighting stronger enemies. He defeats them easily, without much effort.


Frieza is considered to be the weakest villain Goku has ever faced. In fact, he is the only villain that Goku has never defeated.


One of its most memorable characters was Tambourine Vegeta, who was introduced in the episode "Goku vs. Cell."

General Blue

oku has always had trouble defeating his opponents, especially those from other universes. In fact,


It became extremely popular in Japan and spawned several video games, manga, novels, and other media.


In Dragon Ball GT, Goku faces off against the evil Majin Buu, who turns out to be far more powerful than anyone expected.

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