WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett signs with AEW

Jeff Jarrett has signed with AEW, making a surprise debut on Wednesday's (November 2) edition of Dynamite.

In the show's opening match, Darby Allin faced off with Jay Lethal, who had promised Allin there would be a nasty surprise for him on the night.

At the end of the match a man dressed as Sting attacked Darby and then unmasked, revealing himself to be former NXT wrestler Cole Karter

The underwhelming reveal garnered a confused reaction from fans until Sting's music hit.

But when the lights came back on, Jeff Jarrett was in the ring wielding a guitar.

After, Dynamite AEW boss Tony Khan tweeted that Jarrett had signed with the company

And he will also be holding a backstage position.

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